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APP Engineering, Inc. is committed to meeting customer specifications, customer satisfaction, quality of products and on-time shipments.  We will achieve these by complying with the quality management system requirements of ISO9001:2008 and continually improving its effectiveness.

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APP Engineering's mission is to become a leading provider of multifunction recording instrumentation and analysis software. In this quest, we pledge to provide high quality state of the art equipment and software, superior customer service, and competitive prices.

Our Profile

APP Engineering, Inc. is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that specializes in the design, manufacturing, programming, and testing of multifunction recording instruments. Our equipment is primarily used by electric utility companies and large industrial plants to record power line interruptions, faults, disturbances, and power quality.

APP Engineering, Inc. is a customer oriented business with open access to top level management and product design engineers. We bring more than 40 years of combined experience as original equipment manufacturer.


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Dynamic Monitoring Equipment (DME):                       In one Instrument!


Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)
The Digital Fault Recording function creates a transient oscillograhic record, extended oscillograhic record, and extended RMS record. Transient recording rates can be user programmed up to 24,000Hz. Voltages, currents, and events are recorded before, during, and after the fault. Timers are user programmable. Each data sample is time stamped for convenient protection analysis, circuit breaker operation, clearance times, and waveform overlaying. Transient records can be started with many user progammable analog or digital triggers. Extended Oscillography and Extended RMS fault records can be created each time a transient record is recorded. Extended recording rates are user programmable up to 1200Hz and up to a maximum record length of 40 minutes. All records are automatically created in COMTRADE format. All records can be viewed locally or automatically/manually retrieved with our APP ClearView analysis software.

Sequence of Event Recorder (SER)
The Sequence of Events function allows the user to select any digital channel and assign it as a DFR point, SER point, or both. When a digital point is assigned to the SER function it will be logged to a daily report each time it changes state (normal to abnormal and vice-versa.) Each recorded SER entry includes a time stamp, digital channel name, digital channel number, normally open or normally closed state, if it is normal or abnormal, and clock synch status.

Dynamic Disturbance Recorder (DDR)
The DDR function encompasses Continuous RMS, Frequency, Phase, Oscillographic, Trend, and One Cycle Shot recording. RMS, Frequency, and Phase can be recorded in a circular buffer down to 1 point per cycle for up to 99 days. Oscillographic data can be continuously recorded at a sampling rate of up to 1200Hz for a period up to 99 days (dependent on channel count and memory size.) For any of these continuous recording functions, the user can retrieve or locally save any time slice over the recorded period. All channels or specific channels can be retrieved or saved.

Phasor Measurement (PMU)
The PMU function satisfies the IEEE standard on synchrophasors (C37.118) for providing phasor information. A user can stream more than 11 line groups while perfoming all the other recording functions. The user has the choice to stream all line phasor information, frequency, postive sequence voltage, and positive sequence current or just postive sequence voltage and current. User programmable data transfer rates and protocols are a standard feature. Functionality for the local long term storage of PMU data is available.

Data Logging (Trending)
Trends for continuous RMS, Frequency, and Phase are recorded for up to 99 days. Trend plots include maximum, average, and minimum for each analog channel. Trends for all channels or specific channels can be retrieved.

Power Recorder (PQ)
For steady state power quality purposes the recorder can capture a one cycle snap shot every minute at the transient recording rate and store the data in a circular buffer for up to 99 days. The systems ability to automatically put the recorded data in COMTRADE or PQDIFF format is useful for viewing it with APP or third party power quality software such EPRI PQView (Electrotek Concepts™ and EPRI™.) With APP ClearView a user is provided the tools to review and analyze DFT, FFT, Vector, Power, and Impedance information.

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